New Products Park Modern Art Abstract Corten logo sculpture


Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel

Surface: Stainless steel

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden

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Careful friends can often see in the landscape that the surface of the special material is a layer of rust-red steel material, which is very rough and unsmooth to the touch and has a very special texture. But it is perfectly combined with plants in the contrast of roughness and delicacy, cold and warm, soft and hard, forming a rich design context. This material is corten steel. Some people may not be so familiar with this material. They may have seen the corten steel sculpture and corten steel landscape wall made of corten steel, but few people know his scientific name. Take a look at our abstract corten logo sculpture, this is a Y-shaped sculpture made of weathering steel. There is a large stainless steel ball in the middle of the Y-shaped sculpture, which becomes a good ornament.

Corten steel has many advantages. Many foreign artists’ works are made of steel corten. The artistic sense of corten steel is almost screaming. Some avant-garde artists abroad use steel for sculpture. As steel corrosion is a natural state of the material itself, it is very consistent with the authenticity principle of artistic expression. Over time, corten steel has become one of the materials of modern landscape plastic art design. Compared with ordinary steel, corten steel will gradually corrode and age until it is damaged after rusting. The appearance of corten steel gives designers an opportunity. In the creation of plastic art, the rust form of steel is fully used for expression, and its unique nature is loved by designers. Just like this corten modern art sculpture. If you are looking for a suitable outdoor decoration, this abstract corten logo sculpture is a very good choice. Aongking also has more corten steel sculptures for you to choose from. Aongking can also design other logo sculptures for you.

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