Outdoor large metal art Corten steel rabbit statue yard decor


Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel

Surface: Stainless steel

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden

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We often see sculptures in the park. Some are made of copper and some are made of stainless steel. However, we can also see a kind of sculpture that looks rusty but is always left unattended without affecting its beauty. That is the corten steel sculpture. Take a look at this corten steel rabbit statue. This is a rabbit sculpture made of corten steel. It is cut into the shape of a rabbit. It looks very realistic and is very suitable for outdoor spaces. The application of corten steel is the crystallization of the designer’s wisdom, let us think that after corrosion, the unsightly things turn waste into treasure and regain their brilliance.

Change the time language. This allows the use of very thin steel plates to separate the space very clearly and accurately, making the site concise, lively, and full of power. Corten steel rabbit statue corroded steel plate will change with time, corten steel hand sculpture under the influence of environment and climate, its color will change greatly. It is easy to change from bright red-brown to dark blue-gray after a long time. With the aging of time, the unique color and texture of weathering steel with unique colors and textures can better reflect its unique artistic charm. Corten steel rabbit statue can trace the historical sense of the site, record the moment of time, prolong the vitality of the site, make limited materials “coexist” in one, and reflect the sustainability of the design. Aongking also has more other corten steel sculptures for you to choose from.

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