large art decor corten steel garden aesthetic sculpture


Size: Customized

Material: Corten Steel

Surface: Corten Steel

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden

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Garden sculpture is very common in our life. It is because of the decoration of garden sculptures that the scenery around us becomes more colorful. You can have a look at this garden aesthetic sculpture. This is a landscape sculpture made of weather-resistant steel. It is shaped like a flower. It looks very artistic. The garden aesthetic sculpture is perfect for outdoor display, allowing more people to see it. This garden aesthetic sculpture will make your garden more colorful.

Placing garden aesthetic sculptures in gardens is the first choice of garden designers. Garden sculpture has a variety of styles and themes. The strong narrative of garden sculpture will create a kind of story picture. Of course, the size of garden sculpture should be designed according to the environment it is to be placed in, the big is grand and the small is delicate. Garden sculpture can bring the elegance of art to our side. In the setting of sculpture in the garden, its theme and image should be coordinated with the environment, and the size and scale of the sculpture and the space should be in proper proportion. It is also necessary to consider the orientation, color and relationship with the background of the sculpture itself, so that the sculpture and the garden environment complement each other. Garden sculpture has a long history. During the Renaissance, sculpture became an important part of Italian gardens. Garden aesthetic sculpture or combined with the garden water management, or decorative table layer, and even established the exhibition of sculpture mainly “garden museum”, “sculpture park”. Garden sculpture still plays an important role in European and American gardens.

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