mythology ancient Greek bronze Grape wine Bacchus


Size: Customized

Material: Bronze

Technology: ′Lost Wax′ Casting

Surface: Patina

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Garden, Home Decor, Outdoor

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Take a look at this bronze Grape wine Bacchus sculpture. You see the god depicted as a comfortably youthful man-eating grape and madness drinking with a wine jar… The gas of wine flowing out of wine spilled all over the ground. The intoxication, not just looking relaxed. “Art drunkenness” seemed to pervade your house… Bacchanalia is a good option for a new extravagant house, living room… This Grape wine Bacchus sculpture is perfect for inner decor.

Bacchus was the god of wine and plants in Roman mythology. He is often seen drinking from a glass full of grapes. About the birth of Bacchus. A scene similar to Dionysus’s is recorded in an ancient relief in the Vatican Museums. After the removal of Bacchus from the womb of the goddess Simulation. Jupiter kept the child in his lap for three months, and Bacchus can be seen coming out of the father’s leg at full term in relief. The grape wine Bacchus sculpture bronze is also becoming increasingly popular today. Take a look at our grape wine Bacchus sculpture bronze. Become good friends with him. You can find a marble the Greek equivalent of a god statue. Aongking also has more Greek sculptures for you to choose from.

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