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Louvre cultural heritage hellenistic marble winged victory statue


Size: Lifesize / Custom Made Size

Material: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite

Technology: Hand-Carved

Surface: Carved

Package: Wooden Batten Box

Suitable: Garden, Home Decor, Outdoor

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The Winged Victory statue of Samothrace, housed in the Louvre Museum, is a masterpiece of Hellenistic winged victory statue crafted from marble around 190 BC. This iconic statue represents the Greek goddess Nike, symbolizing victory, and was originally erected to commemorate a naval triumph. Despite missing its head and arms, the dynamic pose and flowing drapery convey a sense of movement and power. It embodies the artistic and technical achievements of the period. As a significant piece of cultural heritage, it continues to inspire awe and admiration. Meanwhile, it reflects the glory and influence of ancient Greek civilization.

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