Art Corten Steel Music Instrument Guitar Sculpture on sale


Size: Customized

Material: Corten Steel

Surface: Corten Steel

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden

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Corten steel is a material that is very popular with artists. Compared with ordinary steel, corten steel will gradually corrode and age until damaged after rusting. The emergence of weathering steel gives designers the opportunity to make full use of the corrosion form of steel to express in the creation of plastic art, and its unique properties are loved by designers. The corrosion-resistant steel plate will change with time. Its color is greatly affected by the environment and climate, and it is easy to change from bright red-brown to dark blue-gray after being placed for a long time. With the aging of time, the unique color and texture of corten steel full of beauty can reflect the artistic charm of originality. It can trace the sense of the history of the site, record the instant of time, and extend the vitality of the site. Let limited materials “co-exist” with each other, reflecting the sustainable design concept. Have a look at this music instrument guitar sculpture, this is a guitar sculpture made of corten steel. This music instrument guitar sculpture is very lifelike, just like a real guitar placed in the park.

The biggest characteristic and advantage of corten steel is corrosion resistance, life extension, thinning and consumption reduction, labor saving, and energy saving. This is also the reason why many designers and architects love the practicality of this material. From the perspective of designers, this material can solve many problems from the perspective of design aesthetics. The concept of corten steel was put forward by Japan in the 1980s. It is also called Cowton steel. The scientific name is atmospheric corrosion corten steel. It is low alloy steel between ordinary steel and stainless steel. It is made of plain carbon steel adding a certain amount of copper, phosphorus, chromium, nickel, titanium, vanadium, and other corrosion-resistant elements. If you are looking for a suitable outdoor decoration, our music instrument guitar sculpture is worth your purchase. Aongking also has more corten steel sculptures for you to choose from.

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