popular life-size sitting on the ground outdoor wolf statue


Size: Customized

Material: Bronze

Technology: ′Lost Wax′ Casting

Surface: Patina

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Garden, Home Decor, Outdoor

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Nowadays, the animal sculpture is becoming more and more popular as modern artwork. In many places because of the animal sculpture decoration has become no longer monotonous, adding a lot of vitality. Look at our outdoor wolf statue, this is a wolf resting on the ground. It’s looking back at you. This outdoor wolf statue is really lifelike. It looked like a real wolf lying on the ground.

The wolf has long been revered as a family-oriented animal because it mates for life, watches and protects its young until they grow up and become independent, and protects its elders. Hunters would carve or paint lightning snakes with wolves’ heads on their canoes because they believed the hunting skills of wolves would help their hunting skills on the water. Therefore, wolf sculpture is more and more popular among people. Many people collect wolf sculptures as a kind of art. There are many outdoor wolf statues are on our website. Welcome to choose your favorite one to decorate your room.

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