Popular large mirror art garden stainless steel Sky Sculpture


Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel #304

Surface: Polished Finish

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden

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The blue sky always gives people a very good mood, but the sky is too high to touch with hands. But here’s another chance for you to touch the sky with your hands. You can have a look at this stainless steel sky sculpture. This is a huge stainless steel mirror sculpture. When it is placed outdoors, facing the sky, it can reflect the whole view of the sky to itself. This allows you to look down and see what the sky looks like. This stainless steel sky sculpture is perfect for outdoor space.

Urban stainless steel sculpture should be subject to the aesthetic needs of the public and cater to the aesthetic habits and emotional orientation of the public. But when a piece of urban sculpture is widely praised by the public, it becomes a recognized exemplary work. After becoming a regional, national, and even global influential landmark, its subject status will be greatly improved, and the audience will be more placed in the object status to observe and admire it. Excellent stainless steel abstract art of urban landscape should mark the cultural connotation of a city. It carries the connection between the history and future of a city, depicts the pursuit of The Times of a city, aggregates the spirit of a city, and displays the taste of a city. You can have a look at this stainless steel sky sculpture. More excellent sculptures for sale are waiting for you to choose from. Aongking also has various stainless steel types of sculptures for you to choose from. If you are interested in our stainless steel sky sculpture, welcome to contact Aongking.

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