large home decor bronze wild boar sculpture


Size: Customized

Material: Bronze

Technology: ′Lost Wax′ Casting

Surface: Patina

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Garden, Home Decor, Outdoor

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Wild boar is a cosmopolitan species that originated in Europe and Asia and was widely introduced to North America with a wide distribution. Our bronze wild boar sculpture is exquisitely carved and he is walking at a leisurely pace. You can put this wild boar sculpture in your garden and let it add more life to your garden and make your garden look more like nature.

If you meet a boar outside a wild place, you must run away as soon as possible, because the boar will attack people. So we can take a closer look at them through the wild boar sculpture. The boar is a symbol of the bravery and fierce strength of a warrior and was one of the most popular animal symbols of the Celts. But unlike stags, bulls, and sacred birds, wild boars weren’t particularly revered until the Celts of the Iron Age. The boar symbol appeared on warriors’ helmets, while Celtic coins featured the boar as a universal symbol of strength and fertility – sometimes depicted with three horns, often associated with the Tree of life. Wild boars are magical, often destructive, supernatural beasts throughout mythology. Aongking also has more wild boar sculptures for you to choose from.

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