popular garden decor warthog statue sculpture bronze


Size: Customized

Material: Bronze

Technology: ′Lost Wax′ Casting

Surface: Patina

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Garden, Home Decor, Outdoor

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Take a look at this wild African warthog statue sculpture bronze. It is looking back into the distance. Warthogs get their name because they have warts under the eyes, and the male pig has a pair of smaller warts on the snout. When digging for food, these warts may help to protect the eyes. The head is larger, accounting for one third of the body length, and the back has 4 bristles, long and sharp. Let our wild African warthog statue sculpture bronze add more life to your garden and stop making it look dull.

The warthog is the only pig in the world that can survive without water for several months. They can also live in high temperature conditions much higher than normal temperature. Maybe their bodies can store water, just like desert camels and antelopes. The warthog forages during the day, eats grass, carex and tuberous plants, and occasionally eats some rotten meat. The male warthog’s upper tusks are large, 15 to 25 inches long, and sharp upward and outward. The short and sharp lower tusks can be used as knives. The body color of adult warthog will be slightly different. They like to take mud baths, and they will be covered with mud like rhinoceros. As for this habit, it has two effects, namely, relieving heat and eliminating parasites. Sometimes, they will live with the yellow hornbill and let the yellow hornbill peck at their parasites. If you want to carefully observe the shape of warthog, you can take a look at our wild African warthog statue sculpture bronze. More pig sculptures for you to choose from.

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